L.A. races to fix vulnerable buildings before next major earthquake

When Los Angeles two years ago approved the nation’s most sweeping earthquake retrofitting regulations, officials knew they were in a race against time. The law requires [...]

When a big earthquake hits, your first instinct can mean life or death

What should you do when an earthquake hits? Cover in place? Run outside? It’s a decision one must instantly make when the shaking begins. Californian natives might [...]

City must work with property owners to comply with retrofit law

Earthquakes are an unavoidable fact of life in the Bay Area. But their ability to do devastating damage to life and property is potentially avoidable, thanks to [...]

Santa Monica seeks to pass the nation’s most extensive earthquake retrofit plan

Santa Monica is poised to require safety improvements to as many as 2,000 earthquake-vulnerable buildings in what would be the nation’s most extensive seismic [...]

Property Owners Eligible For Earthquake Retrofit Incentives

WEST HOLLYWOOD—The City of West Hollywood is now part of the statewide incentive program developed by the California Residential Mitigation Program to help homeowners [...]

Making your home more resilient for the next disaster

The recent 7.1 magnitude earthquake in Mexico City is a tragedy – and a wake-up call for all Angelenos. With nearly 300 people killed, over 50 buildings destroyed and [...]

How will California’s freeways survive a major earthquake?

The 1971 Sylmar earthquake sent a 6.6-magnitude jolt through the Newhall Pass, toppling a new interchange at Interstate 5 and Highway 14 and two nearby freeway overpasses, [...]

Los Angeles passes earthquake safety retrofitting law for older buildings

  Despite outstanding questions over the price tag of retrofitting thousands of old buildings, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti signed legislation Friday requiring [...]

What You Need to Know About the New Soft-Story Retrofit

Last year in October, the Council of the City of Los Angeles passed Ordinance # 183893 mandating the retrofitting of residential and mixed-use, wood-framed, soft-story [...]

New Ordinances Require “Soft Story” Retrofits in Metropolitan Multi-Family Units

The adoption of Soft-Story Retrofit Ordinance recognizes a vulnerable building type and mandates corrective measures.  It is common knowledge that California geology is [...]