Month: May 2016

How Earthquakes Affect Buildings

The commonness of seismic activity reports coming out these days is enough to make one think the planet is generally prone to disasters. This may or may not be [...]

Landlords And Tenants To Share Retrofitting Cost In LA

Putting an end to more than a year long debate to begin implementing mandatory seismic laws in the nation, Los Angeles City Council ruled out recently that [...]

The Need Of Earthquake Retrofitting In LA

Recent studies say that California has entered a period of seismic activity and it has become an ‘earthquake zone’. About four earthquakes of magnitude 7 [...]

The Importance Of Seismic Retrofitting

Foundation Repair Los Angeles
Earthquakes can be horrible. They don’t discriminate when it comes to buildings; even a structure without significant problems can sustain plenty of [...]

An Overview Of Soft-Story Seismic Retrofitting

Earthquakes are bad for buildings, including the ones that survive them. Especially so for soft-story buildings, of which there are several located around [...]

New Rule Makes It Compulsory For LA Residents To Retrofit Their Houses

Is your apartment vulnerable to collapse in the event of an earthquake?  It is a fear that haunts many people these days, especially with the news of [...]