Month: June 2016

Some FAQs on Earthquake Retrofitting

Many things come to our mind when talked about earthquake retrofitting, the usual ones being do I need an earthquake retrofit? Let us see some of the common [...]

Some Handy Methods For Earthquake Retrofitting

Earthquake retrofitting is the process of modification of the existing structures to make them more resistant to seismic activity, ground motion, or soil [...]

How to Level a Concrete Foundation

Are the walls of your home cracked? Do you have doors that would not close or bulging floors? These can be signs of serious issues in your home foundation. [...]

Why Should You Go For Soft Story Seismic Retrofitting

On 17 January 1994, an earthquake of magnitude 6.4 struck Los Angeles. This quake came to be known as the Northridge Earthquake and it brought attention to [...]

Seismic Ordinance and Soft Story Retrofit Program

Los Angeles has passed an ordinance to ensure soft story retrofit of weak buildings. The ordinance 183893 is meant to ensure safety at times of natural [...]

Beware: Brick Chimneys Can Kill You

If you look at the stats, there have been several incidents in the past 50 years that saw brick chimneys collapse, even if the house wasn’t harmed at all. To [...]