Month: August 2016

Cripple Wall Bracing For Earthquake Retrofitting

In light of the seismic retrofitting ordinance implemented by the City of Los Angeles, many building owners are looking for commercial retrofitting agencies to [...]

Important Steps to Undertake During Soft Story Retrofitting

Soft story retrofitting has been made mandatory under the Ordinance 183893 by the City of Los Angeles. Below are the important steps you have to undertake if [...]

The Significance of Earthquake Retrofitting

Implementing earthquake retrofitting to your building is the best way to ensure the stability of the structure. An earthquake retrofitting process will [...]

Different Processes Involved in Soft Story Retrofit

Soft story buildings get their names for having the first stories less rigid, when compared to the above stories. These buildings are vulnerable to earthquakes [...]

Seismic Retrofit Ordinance – Things that Building Owners in LA Should Know

As per the latest reports, there are about 13,000 soft story apartment complexes in the City of Los Angeles, which need earthquake retrofitting. Each of these [...]

Retrofitting of Existing RCC Buildings by Jacketing

Jacketing of column is the method of adding transverse and longitudinal reinforcement around the existing columns in a building. The main advantage of column [...]