For SF landlords, deadline looms to retrofit soft-story buildings

Owners of nearly 2,000 apartment buildings in San Francisco have done nothing to bring their properties up to current seismic safety standards, despite an approaching deadline [...]

L.A. releases addresses of 13,500 apartments and condos likely to need earthquake retrofitting

Neighborhoods in the San Fernando Valley, Hollywood and the Westside will feel the biggest impact from Los Angeles' new law requiring the retrofitting of wood-frame [...]

Soft-Story Retrofit in Los Angeles – Part Two

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Soft Story Retrofit: Earthquakes in Los Angeles – Part One

Earthquake hazard is high in Southern California (specifically in the Los Angeles region) due to proximity to the great San Andreas Fault and local geology of the Los Angeles [...]

Could your building collapse in a major earthquake? Look up your address on these databases

he destruction from the 7.1 earthquake that rocked central Mexico on Tuesday is a reminder of the vulnerabilities Southern California faces from a strong temblor. After [...]

How to Take Care of the Potential Hazards inside Your Building

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Cripple Wall Bracing For Earthquake Retrofitting

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Important Steps to Undertake During Soft Story Retrofitting

Soft story retrofitting has been made mandatory under the Ordinance 183893 by the City of Los Angeles. Below are the important steps you have to undertake if your soft story [...]

The Significance of Earthquake Retrofitting

Implementing earthquake retrofitting to your building is the best way to ensure the stability of the structure. An earthquake retrofitting process will increase the strength [...]

Different Processes Involved in Soft Story Retrofit

Soft story buildings get their names for having the first stories less rigid, when compared to the above stories. These buildings are vulnerable to earthquakes because of the [...]