Things You Need To Know: The Los Angeles Ordinance #183893 has brought up many questions for building owners. “How do I start? What are the first steps to this process? When are my deadlines? How much will it cost? Can my building be exempt? Am I expected to cover the entire cost?” These are all important questions for building owners that need to be answered.

Firstly, building owners have 2 years from when they received their notice to complete the engineering phase of the seismic retrofitting ordinance. Then, they must pull a permit for the construction within 3 ½ years of receiving their notice. Pulling a permit is a slightly arduous and lengthy process with the city and is usually done by the contractor who will do the construction. Lastly, the construction must be completed within 7 years of receiving their notice.  To begin your seismic retrofitting project, we recommend this two-step process.


Step 1 Engineering: The first deadline that one must comply with is to complete the engineering within 2 years of receiving your notice. The engineering process will determine what your building will need in regards to construction in order to comply with the ordinance. A design team will survey and measure the building and create an architectural drawing. These are also called As-Builts. Based off the information in the As-Built, the engineer will do all required calculations and design a structural plan to bring your building up to code or exempt your building. Investing in a good engineer is key; a engineer with significant experience in seismic retrofitting will design a set of plans that are minimal in scope of work. An inexperienced engineer will design an overly-complicated and expensive plan. can be a difference in tens of thousands of dollars and months of time. Some engineers without experience are also not aware that some buildings can be exempt from the seismic retrofitting construction, while an experienced engineer will aim to design the most minimal and cost-effective plan which can include an exemption.

Step 2 Construction: Once the engineering is completed and the plans have been approved with the city, it is time to begin construction. Finding the right contractor is vital to the success and timeliness of the project. A contractor who only uses subcontractors for every aspect of the construction is likely to be slower and more expensive. On the other hands, a contractor who has the capability to complete the job with minimal or no subcontractors is more likely to complete the job quickly, efficiently, and for a better price. Visiting the company offices and seeing the contractor’s operation will give you more insight as to their capabilities. Additionally, beware the fine print and exclusions. These exclusions can amount to thousands of dollars that unsuspecting property owners will need to pay. Speak to the contractors about what is included in their contracts and what isn’t so that you can compare apples to apples.


Titan COMMERCIAL-RETROFIT has its roots in the trade with 30 years of experience, owning a certified steel fabrication shop in a 42,000 sq. ft. space. With an in-house team of senior engineers, architects, and 12 construction expert crews, we are ready to help you comply with this ordinance. By creating engineering that is minimal in scope, and by executing the construction plan without relying only on subcontractors, we are confident that Titan can fulfill your needs quickly and efficiently at a reasonable cost. We complete engineering within 4-5 weeks and complete the construction within 4-5 weeks on average as well.

We know that retrofitting your building can be difficult, confusing, and costly. Choosing Titan will ensure that your building will be taken care of with a focus on safety, tenant happiness, and your satisfaction. Please contact us today for a free consultation and quote.