Earthquake Retrofitting and What You Should Know About It

The primary purpose of earthquake retrofitting is to keep your home from being displaced from its concrete foundation — making […]

Soft Story Retrofit: How and Why It Impacts You!

A large number of properties, including apartment and commercial buildings, have a ‘soft story’ condition. These properties may be required […]

Make Your Home Seismic Resistant To Make Your Building Resistant

Seismic Retrofitting is the method of strengthening of the already built damaged/undamaged old/new structures those are found to be weak […]

Retrofitting Apartment Buildings To Reduce Costs

The City of Los Angeles recently passed Ordinance 183893, which requires the retrofit of pre-1978 wood-frame soft-story buildings and non-ductile […]

6,400 ‘soft-story’ apartment buildings still need earthquake retrofits

Los Angeles city officials and property owners are making progress retrofitting the types of apartment buildings that proved especially vulnerable […]

City Committee Urges Faster Pace for ‘Soft Story’ Retrofit Program Affecting Hundreds of Pasadena Buildings

A planned ordinance which will mandate the retrofitting by property owners of as many as 500 “soft-story” multi-family wood buildings […]


Things You Need To Know: The Los Angeles Ordinance #183893 has brought up many questions for building owners. “How do […]

LA City Council Committee Approves Exploration Of Seismic Retrofitting Fund

A Los Angeles City Council committee agreed Monday to explore ways of helping property owners finance costly seismic retrofits required […]

LA looks for ways to help property owners finance seismic retrofits

For years, Angelenos have heard that the “big one” is coming. But are buildings able to withstand 6.7 or greater […]

More than 800 West Hollywood buildings could collapse in a big quake

West Hollywood has identified more than 800 buildings that could be at risk of damage or collapse in a major […]

Los Angeles Wants Updates on Earthquake Retrofit Compliance

The LA council voted weekday to induce a full update on seismic retrofits needed by law in roughly fifteen thousand […]

L.A. to explore serving to property house owners get hold of earthquake retrofitting repairs

A LA(Los Angeles City) council committee in agreement in the week to explore ways in which of serving to property […]

Nearly 9,000 ‘soft-story’ buildings in LA still want earthquake retrofits

Los Angeles town officers and property house owners ar creating progress on retrofitting the categories of housing buildings that evidenced […]

All Soft Story Retrofit Services Under One Roof

The clock is ticking… We, as apartment building owners, are required to reinforce our soft story buildings within the next […]

The Importance Of Seismic Retrofitting

  Retrofitting Structures Earthquakes can be horrible. They don’t discriminate when it comes to buildings; even a structure without significant […]

An Overview Of Soft-Story Seismic Retrofitting

Soft-Story Buildings Earthquakes are bad for buildings, including the ones that survive them. Especially so for soft-story buildings, of which […]

The Need Of Earthquake Retrofitting In LA

Earthquake Retrofitting Recent studies say that California has entered a period of seismic activity and it has become an ‘earthquake […]

Landlords And Tenants To Share Retrofitting Cost In LA

Foundation Repair Los Angeles Putting an end to more than a year long debate to begin implementing mandatory seismic laws […]

How Earthquakes Affect Buildings

The commonness of seismic activity reports coming out these days is enough to make one think the planet is generally […]

Beware: Brick Chimneys Can Kill You

If you look at the stats, there have been several incidents in the past 50 years that saw brick chimneys […]